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Improvisation for Wellbeing


Aaron, Music Student

"The course was insightful, educational and all round fantastic! My biggest takeaway was the Status Play. The specific technique for learning mindfulness was a really good one. It was interesting using case studies of people who are both high status and high ‘open-ness’ and demonstrating why that’s a really effective thing to be."

Suzy, Yoga Instructor

"I found the whole concept of SOAR and the way that it was put into different segments really useful. I discovered how to really create an impact - in important meeting for instance.

Also the kind of exercises you can do to really create an impact - changing your state or status to be much more positive state.

The exercises were really interactive. There was a real warmth and connection within the group . Most of it was group work, very active and very little in the way of sitting. Definitely playful! Definitely fun! The one thing i would definitely take away would be how to be present by using your five senses - in just a two minute exercise. Really effective!"

Steve, Web Designer

I most enjoyed working in a group, getting to know people and discovering different ideas about play and how to incorporate it into my life. Something I’d like to incorporate in my life is the ways to

Building rapport with people and becoming aware of that; the different ways of mirroring and matching people, the way they speak and body language and identifying when you have built rapport is something I will now practice.

Marchella, Accountant

I most enjoyed playing - having lots of fun and learning at the same time.

I really enjoyed the balance between the theory and the practice. It was really amazing! How to build rapport with new people was so much fun - so much fun! I’m going to take away an amazing technique to relax and get into a good state - even if i’m having a bad day - that’s great!

Peter, Small Business Owner

I most enjoyed that there wasn’t a lot of theory - it’s just getting in a room, playing and learning at the same time! I’m starting a business so I need to boost my confidence in pitching and today that’s massively improved! I’m going to go home with a lot of tips i can use. I’ll definitely be going on the Team Building course next!

Avril, Comedian

What i most enjoyed about the ‘Playful Edge Playshop' is the confidence it gives you. You meet lots of wonderful people and you have a wonderful time. It really opens you up and you learn to be playful and fun. These are really good life tools to have! The ‘Playshop’ teaches you a lot about yourself. What i’ve learnt most today is to go out and be more confident and just enjoy life. Have good interactions with people, don’t be scared to voice what you want and don’t be scared to put yourself forward! Take those life skills into your personal AND work life - that’s the way forward!

Zeffra, Student

It was all brilliant! The fact it was all practical was brilliant - we just got in there - we gave it a go! Everything was explained. We would do a drill, get more information on it and then re-do it so it flowed.

It has made me think about how I’m going to approach situations now. I’ve got a few job interviews coming up so learning about Power Poses n’ stuff like that - it’s all brilliant. It’s all going to be very helpful.

Zenna, CEO & Business Consultant

It’s called The Playful Edge and it’s a really engaging playshop that actually gets you doing things. It takes you out of your comfort zone and at the same time the theory makes you think about how you might do things differently in the workplace.

There’s so much that l’ll take away and apply. One of the best things for me was learning about how to use your senses to relax yourself quickly. Get in the zone and actually be open to what’s going on - be totally present in the room!

Iona, Music Student

"A lot of fun mixed in with a lot of learning!"

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