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Improvisation for Wellbeing

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The Playful Edge

Here at the Playful Edge we believe in a radically different approach to personal development. Rather than working at it, we play.

The Playful Edge is a partnership of professional improvisers and facilitators. We practice staying perfectly present in the moment – and acting accordingly.

Many of the obstacles in life exist only in our own minds. Improvising gets us out of our heads. From this vantage point we rediscover how to connect again with ourselves and others. We learn to say yes. We develop responsive, empathetic behaviour. We discover our own individual charisma and can even find ourselves more attractive to others. Ultimately we find well-being, that illusive place of being comfortable and happy with ourselves.

Oh, yes – and we have a lot of fun!

Our Playshops will help you build the confidence, relationships and well being that is the antidote to an increasingly busy and disconnected world. So if that’s what you’re looking for, then stop thinking about it, and come and get The Playful Edge!

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